Wen-Hsien SUN

The International Mathematics Competition,(IMC), is currently the largest and most credible mathematics competition for primary and junior secondary school students in the world.

This is the third time that the municipality of Burgas is hosting the IMC.  They first hosted BIMC in 2013 and then hosted for a second time in 2018. These events were both exciting and most beneficial to both students and teachers from around the world.  I believe that BIMC 2023 will be an equally exciting and beneficial event for all of us even although our participation in the competition and surrounding events, and our enjoyment of the beautiful city of Burgas, will be virtual.  Please feel free to visit the IMC website ( www.bimc2023.com) to learn about the various activities of BIMC 2023.

I look forward to meeting all of you on line in July.”

Wen-Hsien SUN

Chairman, IMC Executive Board

Г-н Димитър Николов

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